Well Out of the bunch, these three are the star of Vivica's show. Jonathan "Heat" Martinez , Michael, "Bolo" Bolwaire and "White Chocolate".

Steve welcomes the dancers from Vivica A. Fox’s newest show, Black Magic!

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This video is a compilation of videos of the Latin Male Exotic Dancer by the name of Keano.

Video with models Scott Cullens, Robert Gonzalez and the former Quentin Elias who has passed away from heart failure aka, complications with steroids.

Blade Evolution is his stage name. Based in the Bronx of New York, This Dominican dancer dancers for both women and men. WATCH THE FULL LENGTH, OVER 20 MINUTES…

Jonathan "Heat" Martinez and Michael "Bolo" Bolwaire to us are the stars of this show. Check them both out in this quick clip. From the upcoming Lifetime show, "Vivica's Black Magic" to premiere on January 4, 2017 which also stars Steven Beck.

She talks about the new show towards the end at 7:38 mark. Vivica A. Fox tells us what happened when she came face-to-face with her ex, 50 Cent.

You know him as BorrellJr on instagram. View the uncensored video and images at:


This young Dominican, Perdo Borrell Jr (BorrelJr) is a big tease for all these young ladies in New York. He has a small muscular body and does workout quite often. You can see him at some bars around the upper parts of Manhattan as a go go dancer (stripper) such as Castro Bar.


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