Porn meets art.

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Rogan has worked with Nik on several TROUGH PARTY promos and is a massive fan of this mans sexually exploitive visual creative mind! He had been talking with Nik for years about collaborating on a project and when Nik said he wanted to make a pornographic film for his site Rogan creamed his pants knowing what ever this man came up with would be FKIN KIKASS!

Anyone who is a fan of the FLEX! knows his obsession with mirrors but It was NIK D’s idea to theme the film around mirrors. Add to the project his number one choice of ASS to fuck, SKIPPY BAXTER’S and Rogan knew this was gonna be a great film.

I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR explores the line between sex, love, narcissism and affection between two men and themselves.

Preview video of "Auto Erotic, Part 1" Starring Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran (aka Josiah Jennings) and Derek Atlas.


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