A preview of the HD video of Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero.

We thought this was note worthy to share. If most guys could do what he can they'd barely go out or waste time finding someone to do it.

NYC's Hot 97.1 bringing out the queen in this EMT driver.

Big thick muscular Instagram James Hatchel cheeks out for all to see in the show "About Justin". We believe he plays a boyfriend of the mother of the show.

James Hatchel is on Instagram as jamesgoefit3.

Video with models Scott Cullens, Robert Gonzalez and the former Quentin Elias who has passed away from heart failure aka, complications with steroids.

Blade Evolution is his stage name. Based in the Bronx of New York, This Dominican dancer dancers for both women and men. WATCH THE FULL LENGTH, OVER 20 MINUTES…


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