Well Out of the bunch, these three are the star of Vivica's show. Jonathan "Heat" Martinez , Michael, "Bolo" Bolwaire and "White Chocolate".

Steve welcomes the dancers from Vivica A. Fox’s newest show, Black Magic!

Fangirl shits pinecones after overhearing pornstar Brian Pumper refer to her as a 'bitch'. Blows are exchanged & shit gets ugly, but the real battle is all verbal, with ego-busting insults like "u think i wud tweet about u? I FUCK MOOLIONAIRES NIGGUH".

Just some clips found of some folks that caught Brian Pumper in public and they are bacially hating on him. From what he driving to how he pick up his next scene partners.

Big thick muscular Instagram James Hatchel cheeks out for all to see in the show "About Justin". We believe he plays a boyfriend of the mother of the show.

James Hatchel is on Instagram as jamesgoefit3.

The Ukrainian Boy Group, Kazaky, is not your average boy band. They are daring and mashing Masculine and Feminine looks together. This video was re-edited by http://www.manzzle.com Manzzle believed Kazaky's "Dance and Change" would sound better on this video than their "Love" song.

We found a clip of him flexing nude. And he is packing nicely.

XXX Video Clip Link

Follow me on my journey! Thanks for all of the support! week out from my show! Making Changes through Struggle!

Midwest Muscle Report interviews classic physique competitor Larry Hill at the 2017 NPC Indiana Muscle & Expo in Evansville, Indiana!

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Tattooed muscle man, David Mcintosh's naked body showing all his front side was uncovered after editing 2 pictures that were not correctly edited by the original photographer to black out his private parts.

See the uncensored image on Manzzle.

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